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About The Ex Mormon Files
Earl Erskine

The Ex Mormon Files is a half-hour television interview program, hosted by former LDS bishop Earl Erskine. Originally the program aired at 8:00 PM on Friday nights on Salt Lake City's KTMW Channel 20.

The sale of KTMW-TV20 to a new broadcaster necessitated a move to Internet broadcasting. We continue to produce new programs, in High Definition, which are released every Friday on this website, on YouTube, Vimeo, and on Roku-TV. Our earlier programs are also available for viewing.

Earl interviews former Latter-day Saints (Mormons) who have come to faith in the biblical Jesus Christ. They share the stories of their journeys. (Learn more about Earl's story here.)

The Ex Mormon Files began broadcasting in February of 2012 as a production of Alathea Ministries (producers of Heart of the Matter with Shawn McCraney).

In 2013, Alathea Ministries was unable to continue producing The Ex Mormon Files. Several months later, the media ministry of Main Street Church of Brigham City (who also produce the program Polygamy: What Love Is This) assumed production of this program.

We are grateful to our friends at Alathea Ministries for their gracious willingness to allow another organization to "take over" the vision that had been theirs--including permission to use their back-logged interviews that had never been aired. Brand new episodes of The Ex-Mormon Files began airing in January 2014.

If you are interested in sharing your story, contact us! Our prayer is that The Ex Mormon Files will continue to grow and bless the community of questioning Latter-day Saints, and point all to the hope of new life in Jesus Christ!

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